The Make-Out King of Montana

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so jealous your store does overnights even tho it’ll ruin everybody’s sleep schedules :(. I hate placing a shitload of product while the store is open. SUCH A BUMMER. Anyway, I’d start a new TV series on netflix!!!

Yeah, there’s no way we’d be able to get everything done if we did it in the morning. Fuuuck that. BTW what are your thoughts on the new marketing campaign? Because I have a few and not all of them are good.

Survival Horror games are always a great way to stay up at night and won’t emotionally scar you at all

Is that a video game thing? Because if it is, video games immediately put me to sleep. TRY AGAIN.

I’m hoping it wasn’t the Handjob song… Or the Loophole…. or Go-kart racing… oh god there’s a lot of bad options here….

Haha, oh god, no! It was 29/31 and she lamented that for her generation it was 21/23. 

why the heck are you working 8pm to 5am??

We’re getting a looooot of new product in this week. The entire store layout is changing and it’s pretty much impossible to do that while also dealing with customers so this is the only way we can get 8 uninterrupted hours of work in. I’m actually looking forward to it, minus the disruption to my sleep schedule.

Bestie x Bestie: “What’s wrong with books?”

"Just read a frickin’ Dilbert and go to sleep!"

My mom just shared a Garfunkel and Oats video on Facebook. The significance of that alone should keep me up for a week!

I’m working 8 PM - 5 AM for the next couple of days which is super fun because those are the hours I’m normally sleeping so this isn’t going to fuck with me in any way, but like, if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do tonight to keep me occupied and awake until like, 4 AM, I’m all ears. Keep in mind that I’ve already cleaned my entire apartment from top to bottom and I can’t hang those picture frames I’ve been meaning to put up for the past 3 months because everyone else in the building will be sleeping.

I’ve basically stolen Jason Mantzoukas’ ENTIRE inflection. Just, all of it. Bc I want to be him and and I also want to be with him, and both will absolutely never happen, so it’s all just a bunch of garbage, basically

It is literally next-level bonkers how much I relate to this.

Edited to add:

Dr. Oz said lemons were good for you so my mom basically only eats lemons now.