The Make-Out King of Montana

My work day ended with a mall-wide power outage and me arguing with a woman in the dark about evacuating the store vs. her getting a different size in the blue camouflage shorts she was trying on. She was also upset that it was too dark for her to see how they looked. BITCH THE POWER’S OUT AND THOSE SHORTS ARE UGLY ANYWAYS GET THE FUCK OUT.

I watched wrestling for the first time in my life tonight and if someone had told me there was a bearded vegan wrestler out there I might have watched it sooner.

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Watch Billy on the Streets!


Watch Billy on the Streets!

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This just makes me happy

I’m juuuust drunk enough to reblog this.

It’s probably a good thing that Noel Fielding wasn’t famous when I was 16.

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Those shades are dope as hell

You have no idea how much this means to me.

This officially fulfills my outdoors quota for 2014.
The extent of my hiking gear: legging jeans and Chucks.