The Make-Out King of Montana

Why I Created The #UnfollowAMan Movement

"4. Be considerate of the feelings of the unfollowed men.

A blanket unfollowing of all men is a GREAT excuse if someone takes offense (men do tend to get their feelings hurt easily). Several men confronted me about why I had unfollowed them, and instead of admitting, “Well, your tweets made me want to run into the server room at Twitter HQ and rip out every cord,” I could simply say, “Oh, it’s not just you, I unfollowed all men.” Men tend to be more emotional than rational, so several of them still stewed and moaned about their feelings of rejection even after the logic had been explained to them.”

U Talkin U2 T-Shirts To Me?


Vote for your favorite U2 t-shirt design! Survey closes Friday, August 1st!

Everyone needs to vote for the “This is good rock ‘n’ roll, uh, music,” design.

I’m having a pretty decent conversation with a guy on OkCupid so I decided it was time to drop a Simpsons reference to see if he picks up on it.


Even though I know I am physically stronger after having worked nearly a year at gap, hefting mannequins onto shelves and building walls etc., I still look like a bag of uncooked pizza dough. I don’t wanna be skinny obviously bc that is an impossibility given my #frame, but perhaps #toned? I mean, what gives?

I hope I’m not creeping Steph out by reblogging this so much after the fact but I was reminded of it while doing yoga last night. I do all of this physical work on a daily basis, so much so that I consistently sweat my ass off, but when it comes to basic exercise I have absolutely no upper body strength. I DON’T GET IT.

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This is a Kelsey Dress™ if I’ve ever seen one. #stripelife